Dear Dad,

December 29, 2009
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Dear Dad,

I’m still only 14 and I know I have a lot to learn and experience, that I’ll understand why you do what you do when I have kids. But I think I understand a little bit now.

You know how I always ask you for a cell phone and you always say no. And then I say why and you say, because I said so. Then I get all teary eyed and mad, and say everyone else has one and that I’m 14 now, I’m old enough for one. But then you still say no, do you remember? Well, thanks, because now I’m not addicted to a cell phone like a lot of my friends. I mean don’t go expecting me to admit it or to stop asking you for a cell phone. But can you do me a favor and keep saying no for just a while longer.

Remember how you said that she wasn’t a good friend, that she’s disrespectful and all. And how I kept saying you don’t choose my friends. You were right about her. We barely talk now, and I only wish that I would’ve listened to you so she couldn’t have had all of that power over me. I can’t believe I wanted to be like her. That I wanted to be as skinny as her so I stopped eating for a while to see if it’d work (it didn’t). Or how she showed her bra, and pulled her skirt up really high just so some of the guys would notice her. And that I almost did that too. When I finally realized it for myself and decided I couldn’t be friends with her, even though I knew that I wouldn’t be as “popular” anymore, I kept thinking that maybe something was wrong with me instead of her. I thought of what you had said and knew that I was right that it wasn’t just me. So thanks for the heads up.

You keep saying that I can’t have a boyfriend, which honestly won’t happen anyway so I’m not so sure why you worry about it. But remember that one of my goals in life is to torment you, at least a tiny bit. So when ever I say something like, “Papi, how come I can‘t have a boyfriend. Okay you know what fine but come 15 I’m dating.” Just remember that in my fantasies I’m like 20 something and you approve. This one was just to comfort you a bit, and don’t worry, until then you’re the only guy in my life.

Now let’s talk about my chores. They’re horrible and I’ll complain about them for as long as I have to do them. But thanks for making me do them, because if you hadn’t I probably wouldn’t know how clean, cook, or do laundry, and I wouldn‘t appreciate what I have. I’d also be like some of the spoiled and lazy kids in my class. So thank you so much for not letting me be like that.

Last daddy I want to thank you for giving me one of the most important things that I have my morals. With out them I wouldn’t be who I am, and even though it’s taken me a long time, I can finally say that I like who I am. I like that I’m not skinny, that my hair’s frizzy, I don’t have a cell phone, and I have straight As, I’m not allowed to wear a sleeveless shirt . And that I have the best, most overprotective, mean, loving, annoying and caring dad in the world. I might not say this as much as I should but, I love you.

With Love,

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