What Ever Doesn't Kill You, Only Makes You Stronger

December 28, 2009
By thatxanaxchick BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
thatxanaxchick BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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We grow up seeing our parents and other domestic inhabitants as our enemies, as the villains who are always trying to prove themselves right and turning you into the victim of possibly series of events you were unaware of. Think twice before you wish the worst upon family members, I've grown tired of friends conversing about how "annoying" their parents are and how they wish to depart from home and run away. When teenagers begin to plan their college life and experience, they lean towards the colleges or universities that are further away from home, thinking it would be the best from them to be away from the commotion of a household you grew up in. I may be one person with a single voice and a single piece of writing but I have experienced a temporary "detachment" from family and the wounds in my heart haven't healed yet. My father had moved to Pennsylvania two years before I had to, due to economic reasons, and my mother and five year old brother(who was four at the time) had to remain in our previous destination since my grandmothers from both sides of the family tree were excessively ill. I felt relief when I thought about how I finally get to escape the constant lectures, punishments, and restrictions my mother had layed on me since birth. I found myself to be very wrong, when I first stepped foot on U.S. grounds my heart broke in half. Sure, it was fantastic having my father back in my life, but it was definitely not fun having him work from 9 am to midnight, leaving me only to see him for perhaps an hour or two on weekends. I was failing a few classes when I first received my progress reports in school, and knowing my father and how he handles disappointments I got my act together. I picked up a better pace in school, achieved Distinguished Honor Roll twice in a year, meaning both semesters, and that inspired me and made me realize the strength I had within me. It also made me realize what would happen to my other friends who have an even greater bond with their mothers, fathers, siblings, would survive being in a different continent for studies. I'm thankful for having living this experience because I live to tell it, and convince teens to stitch up the broken bonds they share with their family. During my loneliness at home, I learned to cook for myself, clean, do laundry, and handle several paperwork that needed to be done for myself. I never felt more mature in my life, and I was only 16. I expressed my emotions on paper, with journal entries and songs and that's when I realized my talent in writing which afterwards led me to the inspiration to pursue a career in journalism. Who knew a wound could get me this far in life. Who knew it would take me this long to realize the true value of a family. Don't let it be too late for you as it was for me.

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