Ode to Love

December 19, 2009
By mecthespeck DIAMOND, Nashville, Tennessee
mecthespeck DIAMOND, Nashville, Tennessee
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When you are not here, footprints fall away at the mercy of the ocean waves; the sun cruelly melts into the darkness, as if it knows my world no longer has light; the whisper of wind in the trees terrifies me with it’s haunting twists and turns. I cannot live without you much longer. On this battlefield, dangerous gray defies the timeless shades of color. Shadows bound and leap more actively than the people passing them by. In this world of paranoia, death is only a heartbeat away from actuality and life is but a waiting game for the weary. I am weary, but my heart just won’t quit. You keep my beating heart alive.
My love is yours. If I could command the sky, I would send every beautiful shooting star to your doorstep to take your breath away. I wish I could be there with you. I miss you. I need you. I just know I will see you again: it is destiny. Then again, destiny is only a pretty word; it will not put forth the effort needed to make it come true. I am anxious to see you again and my love for you pulses stronger just knowing we are close to reuniting. Fear not for me, for I am ready to die. Just knowing I have loved you and have done something to change the world…that’s all anyone could ever ask for. If I don’t live to see you again, I just want you to remember this: life is fragile, a house of cards, but love is stronger than existence. Love transcends the tenuous binds of our earthly presence. Even in death, I will be there with you. Love will keep me alive. I eagerly anticipate our reunion and I love you with all my heart.

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