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December 17, 2009
By AbbytheEventer GOLD, Blue Ash, Ohio
AbbytheEventer GOLD, Blue Ash, Ohio
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My Intelligences

There are many ways to learn. Actually, there are seven. You learn in your own way and understand different subjects better than your fellow students. Some people learn by visual/spatial and others learn by movement. The two learning styles I learn by best are Bodily-Kinesthetic (movement) and Intrapersonal (alone).

What is Bodily-Kinesthetic learning? Being Bodily Kinesthetic means that people learn best by doing, not reading a book about the subject or listening to someone talk. Some common phrases that physical learners use are, “that feels right to me,” “stay in touch,” “I can’t get a grip on this,” “my gut is telling me” and “I have good feelings about this” (The physical [Bodily-Kinesthetic] learning style 2003-2007). They often do sports and/or exercise and love thrill of theme parks (The physical [Bodily-Kinesthetic] learning style). According to the physical bodily-kinesthetic learning style the individual likes to “jump in” and play. I am a Bodily-Kinesthetic learner because I Horseback Ride as a sport and I love roller coasters. I like to touch and learn hands-on instead of reading a textbook.

My second learning style is Intrapersonal meaning “The Individual” (Intrapersonal Intelligence Copyright 2009). People who learn individually are comfortable with themselves and express strong like or dislike in particular activities (Intrapersonal 1997-2009). I understand myself better than I do others and I work better by myself. I express strong dislike in animal slaughter and abuse and I like Horseback Riding. Some famous Intrapersonal Learners are Aristotle, Helen Keller, George Patton and Anne Frank (Intrapersonal Intelligence Copyright 2009).

Learning about the seven intelligences really helped me learn more about myself and others. There are many different books and websites to learn about the the different styles of learning. You should research them and find out which one fits best for you

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