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"The Best Halloween Ever!"

December 16, 2009
By Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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The best Halloween ever!
The six year old mind is so innocent, easily manipulated and very free. I wanted to be a bumble bee for Halloween, and of course my cousin Shelby already had the costume, so it was easy for my mom to say yes. Shelby is eight years older than me; she was fourteen by the time Halloween came around. My cousin showed up around noon so that she could help with my costume and face paint. She hadn’t figured out what she was going to be for Halloween, but as a joke I said “Shelby should be a hobo.”
My dad laughed and said, “Shelby would make a perfect hobo. I will go get her some clothes for her costume.”
Shelby said, “Why do I have to be the homeless person?”
“Because, Shelby, it will be funny.” I laughed and smiled at her.
Shelby rolled her eyes and said, “Fine, what all do I have to wear?”
I shrugged and said, “Daddy is finding you something.” As I said that my dad came out with an arm full of clothes.
He said, “Shelby, I found you a pair of overalls, a holy shirt and some old tennis shoes.”
I laughed when Shelby put the costume on. I said, “But hoboes have a baggie thing with them. Shelby needs one, too.”
My mom laughed and said, “Kimberley, bring me one of your little pillows.”
“Okay ,mommy,” I ran back to my room and grabbed my red polka-dotted pillow. I said “Shelby, catch” I threw the pillow down the hall and hit Shelby in the head.
I laughed and Shelby said, “Just wait I’m going to get more candy than you.”
“Whatever, Shelby, little bumble bees are cuter than hobos.”
My dad laughed and said, “Okay, let’s go get you in your costume.” I stuck my tongue out at Shelby and she threw the pillow back at me. I ducked, and she hit my dad instead.

After I got my costume on, my dad went out and helped Shelby paint her face and finished looking like a hobo. I laughed when I saw what she looked like with all the face paint on. My mom said, “Okay, let’s head out. Trick or treating started ten minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I want candy.” I grabbed Shelby’s hand and ran out the door. I said “Mommy, why is it so dark out?”
“Because it might rain, but we will be done before it does.”

“Okay, Shelby, let’s go.”

Shelby smiled and we raced each other to the first house. We got plenty of compliments on the first block and even enough candy to last until Christmas, but I wanted more.

My dad said, “We will go a couple more blocks, but then we will head back home.” Shelby and I nodded and then ran across the street to the next house.
It felt like forever before we were half way done. Then it happened, the first rain drop hit my face. I said “It’s raining. I like the rain.”
Shelby moaned and said, “Well, now we are going to get wet, and it’s all because you want to get more candy.”
I smiled and said, “Yes, but who has more candy? The cute little bumble bee or the hobo?”
My dad laughed at how much I wanted to beat her, but then he said, “Okay girls, let’s hurry before it starts to down pour.” I smiled and pulled Shelby up to the next block. We hit every house we could and then when we were about to turn on to my block, it down poured. I laughed and started dancing in the rain but Shelby just got madder. She was too worried about catching a cold to enjoy the down pour. We finally got back to my house, and when we got inside, my mom snapped a picture of her two drenched kids. Shelby and I were so cold, and yet I only cared about how much I got. I dumped it out and started counting, Shelby did the same. I don’t remember how much candy I actually got, but I know it was more than Shelby, and she actually wanted to wrestle me for it. I pinned her to the ground and said, “NO!! My candy.”
My dad laughed and said “Kimberley, get off Shelby. You guys can share the candy.” I sighed and handed Shelby a piece of candy. She smiled and we got along the rest of the night.
All of my memories of my childhood have had my cousin Shelby and I. Most of the memories are good, but now a days we don’t really get along or even see each other. I remember back then that Shelby and I were inseparable, and we always had to be together, no matter what we wanted to do or what we had to do, we had to be with each other. Now Shelby and I constantly fight and argue. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cousin, but now that I have matured, I think I’m better off with just seeing her when I have to. In the future, who knows, maybe we will be back to normal, but it shows me that I need to keep my temper in check and hear people out before I judge.

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