What Love Really Is...

December 12, 2009
Aimee sat silently on a bench, waiting outside of the courtroom for the court’s decision. Waiting for the painful truth of who she would have to live with. Either a foster parent or her so-called “dad”. He never really good to her really. He messed her up in the head but she stayed together through her 15, almost16, years of life.

That day she wore black blue jeans, a black ACDC shirt, a skelanimals zip up hoddie, her black converse, and her heart shaped necklace. Her pale, white hands limply lay in her lap as she stared blankly at the wooden floors. The memories of her dead family haunted her and never went away.

Soon, her mother’s lawyer came out of the courtroom and sat by her. She never met his gaze as she prepared for the horrible news to soon hit her.

“Aimee, I’m sorry. I tried as hard as I could but…I couldn’t convince them otherwise… so, the person you’ll be living with now is your father.” said the lawyer.

As he stood and left, Aimee never said a thing. She knew that this day would’ve come but she never knew it would be so soon. She dropped her head until her black and blonde hair covered her dark brown eyes. Her dad soon came out of the courtroom with a smug look on his face.

“Come on, let’s go.” That was the only thing he said to her as he walked past her. Not even to wait for her to look at him. She slowly got up and followed him to his car.

Minutes passed by in what seemed to be hours, soon, they got to their destination. They slowly came up to Aimee’s old house, the crime scene of her families murders. He looked at her with a disgusted look on his face.

“Hurry up and get your stuff.” he said.

She got out of the car and headed for her once warm home. As she entered she averted her gaze to her bedroom door. She slid it open and walked to her side of the room. All she packed from this place was her clothes, her books, her bear that she got from her boyfriend in the mail because he lived far away, her iPod, and the family photo album.

Once she got outside, never to return to her house again, her dad snatched her bags and threw them into the back of the car.

“Hurry up and get in, wretch….We have a long way to go.” Her dad said.

“Where are we going?” Aimee asked before getting in.

“We’re moving to Carrollton, Georgia.” he said.

Aimee felt her heart skip a beat as she heard what her dad said. She felt her eyes grow wide and her heart started to beat faster as she leapt into the car and drove off. As they drove away from her horrible house that now stood, Aimee listened to a song called Rain by the band Breaking Benjamin.

Later that night, she went into her new house and went to bed.
~Day 2~

Aimee woke up and went to her computer before her dad woke up. She went on My Space and saw she had a message.

I wonder who this could be from…Aimee thought. As she opened up the mail she realized that it was from her best friend, Samantha.

Hey girly, I know you had to move and I’m sooo sorry that you had to go, but have no fear!! Because I’m living in Carrollton, Georgia too!! Hey you need to come over to my house sometime!! See ya!!

She smiled and printed out the directions to her friend’s house and shut down her computer. Soon, her father kicked down the door and with no warning at all, started to beat her. She screamed and hoped someone could hear her but her dad laughed.

“No one can hear you! You’re alone and you always will be!” he yelled.

Deep down inside though, she knew she wasn’t alone, because she had Jay, her boyfriend; her friends. She knew she was never alone.

Soon, he stopped beating her and went out of the room. He locked the door, went outside, got into his car, and drove off. Aimee made sure that he was gone and opened her window. There was a tree right beside her window, so she grabbed her iPod, the directions, and climbed down the tree. Once she was on the ground, she started to look over the directions and ran in the direction to her friend’s house hoping that she should make it there in time before her dad came home.
~At Samantha’s house~

Aimee walked up to her friend’s house, hoping that this was the right house. She slowly made her way to the door while watching the road for any signs of her dad. She soon came to the door, knocked on it, and waited for the door to open. Then the door opened and Samantha stood looking at her.

“Hi, Aimee!” Samantha said with a smile.

“Can I come in?” Aimee replied, and her friend nodded. She made her way into the house and looked around the room. There were things still in the boxes in the corner but everything else was right in place. Soon, she saw that there were two guys on the couch. She looked at Samantha with a questioning look and her friend smiled.

“Caleb! Nathan! Look who it is!” Samantha said.

Aimee looked around and saw the guys turn to look at her. She could tell that the first was Caleb because he had brown hair, but the other had light brown hair. Soon, she realized who it was; it was Nathan, her boyfriend.

Nathan stared wide eyes at her and stood up, he walked over to her and the first thing that they did was hug each other.
“I can’t believe it’s you.” Nathan said. All Aimee did was nod and smile into his chest as they held each other in their arms. Caleb and Samantha smiled at each other as they saw them hug and meet for the first time in their lives.

This is the best day of my life! Aimee thought. Then suddenly, the door was knocked down. Dust flew everywhere, but soon, it was gone, and it revealed who it actually was. It was Aimee’s dad standing in the doorway.

“So, this is where you went…” said her father in a demonic voice as he stared at her. He started to laugh as he saw her in the arms of her boyfriend.

“What’s this?! I told you that no one could ever love you! You’re a stupid worthless wretch! And nothing more!” he yelled.

Aimee hung on tighter to Nathan as he yelled those horrible words. She knew they were wrong, but it hurt to hear that her dad actually thought of her that way. She buried her head deeper into Nathan’s chest as her father said every heart-wrenching word.

Soon, Nathan lifted her head slowly and gently to look at her. Aimee’s face was covered with tears that stained her red, puffy face. He gently looked at her, and he knew that she felt really bad. He bent down toward her and kissed her on the mouth. Aimee stood wide eyes and soon slowly closed her eyes. In that moment, she knew that her father was mad, but for once in her life, she didn’t care. In that kiss, she knew she found someone who loved her and would care for her forever.

Soon, the kiss ended and they stared at each other. Aimee turned red and Nathan laughed a little by her red face. Then suddenly, Aimee felt a rough hand grab her lower arm and yank her. She fell to the floor and felt the hand go tighter on her arm.

“Get up, you worthless dog!” yelled her dad; Aimee flinched as he said those things again.

Then at the speed of light, a fist hit her dad square in the jaw. Her dad let her go, and Samantha grabbed her gently and pulled Aimee towards where she and her boyfriend were.

“Don’t you ever hurt her again.” said Nathan.

Her father stared at him but didn’t take his warning. He got up and stomped towards her, and Nathan, again, punched him in the jaw. Soon, they got in a fight, and Nathan won. Her dad looked at her angrily after the fight.

“Don’t you ever come back! I should’ve killed you a long time ago with your worthless, no good family!” he yelled. Then her dad ran away.

She looked at Nathan and started crying. He went over to her and hugged her. She buried her head once again in his chest and cried. Nathan started to rub her head, trying to help her feel better.

He bent down again and whispered in her ear, “Remember, I’m always here for you… Please, never forget that.”

Aimee nodded and soon, stopped crying. She looked up into his auburn eyes and said, “I guess this is what love really is…” And everyone smiled. Nathan embraced her in his arms and kissed her sweetly on the lips, and Aimee knew from that day on, she wouldn’t have to work for another’s love, because his love was hers, and her love was his.

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