My Saddest

December 11, 2009
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It was the after Valentines Day. It was cold in the house. Then I went to the bathroom and I notices it was 4:59am.I went back to sleep. Then my eyes just open fast and my stomach stared to hurting.

Then the nurse called and said that my dad had went into a comma, Then we rushed to the hospital and we ask the front desk “were is he? He was in citole condition, He was on life support. He had a tube stuck down his throat, The doctor said “he had died in his sleep because he was on pain medication.” He was died for 15 to 20 minuets.

Then the day passed. The ask my grandma if she wants to pull the cord and she said “yes” She said at ten o’clock am. It was 5 minuets to ten, He had died before ten. Then the priest blest him and said the rosary to him,

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