Regretting Something....

December 2, 2009
By Anonymous

BING! BANG! BOOM! The sounds of my Wii game are ringing through my ears, as I play, concentrated. I was having a fun time, then GRR! My stomach growled. I was hungry. I was finishing the level on my game, and saved my progress. I turned off my Wii and headed downstairs.

As I left the final step of the stairs, my Mom yelled, “Dinner Time!” Wow. What a coincidence! I headed straight for the kitchen. Spaghetti was for dinner. I scooped a big bowl for myself. I headed for the table in the living room to eat, but my pet cat was lying right in the hallway. I tired walking around her, but when I did, she moved! WHOOSH! I tripped over her and spilled all the hot, boiling sauce over my feet! OUCH! The pain, the pain! I had burned my feet terribly bad; for the next week, I had to put ice in a towel all over my feet every three to five minutes. Now I regret pouring too much sauce over the Spaghetti. I mean, the bowl was kind of full. I mean, I could always go back for seconds! And, as for my cat, I would probably move slower around her, or just wait for her to go upstairs, or something. If all that would happen, I would be successful in reaching the dinner table.

Well, eventually, the burns healed, and as for my cat….well… she just meowed...and ate her dinner. But basically, I shouldn’t let hunger get the best of me. Hopefully next time, when I’m hungry, I should be a little, perhaps a lot…more careful….

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