Trouble in School

December 9, 2009
By Isaac Bannworth BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Isaac Bannworth BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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When I was younger and in elementary and middle school, I was not the smartest or most intelligent. I was told that I was not going to be able to do well when I got older. This had disappointed me, but no matter what criticism I had received, I tried my hardest and never gave up. My teachers had tried to help me ,but I had struggled and had trouble with my test and assignments. As the time progressed on, I had tried harder and started to study more, and with a little help for my friends, I had started to get better. In the third grade one time nobody could have solved the hardest math problem, even the kids with 95s or 97s could, and out of everybody in the classroom, I got picked. I started to pay attention more often and was able to get the math problem right, and after that event had happened, I had begun to get better grades and become intelligent. As the year grew on, I improved my grade from being one of the lowest grades possible to one of the highest grades.
The next year, I had continued to strive to do my best because I finally understood the material that was being taught. But at the end of the my fourth grade teacher had recommended that I go to summer school because she had thought I was not fully ready for my next year in the fifth grade. So, I had gone to summer school because my parents had agreed with my teachers, but I guess my opinion really had no say because I felt and had known that I was ready to move on. In summer school, however, about in the second week, they had given everybody in the fourth grade level tests to see where they are going to stand. A few days later they had pulled a few of the students out in order to advance to the fifth grade level, and to my surprised, I was one of the students they had pulled out because of my test scores had excelled than the standards. I had thought to myself about what I had told my parents and my teachers, instead they had chose to ignore me, but I was glad to be moved up and continue my studying.
Through out my middle school years, I had continued to excel and prove to myself and to others that I am not dumb or stupid, just took time for me to find what I was missing, the ability to see that the obstacles were in my mind and I needed to focus and take time to figure out strategies that would help me do better, and that has led me to do good in school today.

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