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December 10, 2009
By *D!@mond* BRONZE, Covington, Georgia
*D!@mond* BRONZE, Covington, Georgia
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Teenage girls are what society is mainly focusing on today. You may ask why they do certain things, or what makes them behave the way they do, but the only answer for that is teenage life. Adolescent females are mainly the center of most attention, and twenty percent of American girls are pregnant or have either had babies.
Teenage pregnancy is only one of the major problems that young girls face; self-esteem issues, drama, sexuality, appearance, relationship troubles, and everyday life. To an adolescent female attention is very important to them for the reason that, most of them have very low self-esteem and don’t get the concentration they desire.
Self-worth is one of the few reasons for young girls behaving the way they do. For young females having low self-esteem leads them into, drugs, alcohol, sex, and numerous amounts of violence. Few young adults lack the discipline and love that they need to respect themselves and others around them.
The media portrays such images to cause a variety of young girls to not love themselves and strive to become something or someone they are not. Countless amounts of girls starve themselves, and also hurt themselves just so they can look like what advertising shows as a beautiful image.
Sexuality in young teen girls has largely increased due to the fact that it surrounds around everything. Adolescent young females are more sexually active because of short of knowledge that they have, and sense of worth. According to the Guttmacher Institute, “one-third of surveyed teenagers 15 to 17 had had oral sex, and most of those were not virgins. Of teens ages 15 to 19 that had had oral sex only, two-thirds reported having had only one partner”.
Around the ages off ten to seventeen, girls start to go through there early years of puberty, and ninety five percent out of one hundred want to explore and experiment everything. Puberty is the largest stage in a teen girl’s life, being that it is very difficult and cause a lot of stress.
Various young females turn to male attention during their stage of puberty. Male interest in teen girls focus a lot on control, and the ability to make them feel good, simply because of the insecurities they have within themselves.
There are many reasons “why: teenage girls do the thing they do, but as one we have to express to them the concern and show how to appreciate themselves more. The things that teenage girls go through are just a stage of life, but in order for them to overcome it, they have to first love their self.

The author's comments:
I wrote this article because being an teen girl,i know how difficult it is,but also living everyday life itself and seeing the things i see on a day to day basis.

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on Mar. 16 2010 at 2:30 pm
BasketballChick5, San Diego, California
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Right on!!! I liked this artical and its true to!

on Dec. 16 2009 at 2:43 pm
ReflectionsofYou GOLD, Mason, Tennessee
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Very true. And some girls don't want the attention at all so they hide everything.

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