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December 4, 2009
By JomyV BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
JomyV BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
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You’re at the front of the line, and they ask you, “stainless steel or plastic?” It looks like more people are choosing plastic.
No year is the same. There is always some sort of difference or advancement, every car changes year to year either for better or for worse. Cars have changed so much from the 1950s to 2009, yet what has made them so different and what has truly changed? The 1950’s were some incredible decades so many incredible cars came out that year. They were all built so well with structure and stability. Nowadays cars are made with plastic and chopsticks; they are no longer built Ford Tough. The automobile industry has changed so much from the radio to now a whole computer is available in your car. Cars in the 50’s were iconic and purchased a lot, but in 2009 there is over production and not enough people to buy them. In the business world, that means way to much supply and too low of a demand. It seems cars now are lacking the qualities that made them great then. Perhaps we can change that, but who knows history might just repeat itself.
1954, this was the year the symbolic Chevrolet Corvette was presented. The Corvette represents power, style, and America. Cars in 2009 are being made quickly to meet quotas instead of being made with time and hard work. When it comes to long use, current cars last long past their warranty especially foreign cars. The 50’s are the years when cars had many limitations. Those were the years that cars were made solid and simple. The cars in the twenty-first century have a lot more options from electronic controls to materials used. The cars now are made for continuous daily use and based on your qualities. For example color choices, options in materials, and even electronic systems. In the past sixty years have changed so much, so quickly.
Cars today are cheaply built, yet they are very modernized with a lot of technology. They are also required to meet many standards in safety and quality. Back in the 50’s these requirements were almost unheard of. There are so many available models now but in the 50’s it was very limited. In the 1950’s when it came to cars there just weren’t very many, but when you look at it now there are so many varieties and brands. For example Toyota, Honda, Benz, Mitsubishi, in the 1950’s the main ones were Ford, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Cadillac, and Lincoln. All the cars in the 1950s were built inside the United States of America, imported vehicles were just unavailable. Now almost nothing is built solely in the U.S. Everything is foreign made especially when it comes to car parts. When it comes to maintenance the cars now have almost none, just the regular service every 60,000 miles or so. Cars in the 50s’s were known to be high maintenance. The cars now do so much more they adjust to your life. In the 50’s all they were known for was accomplishing the basic go to church and work kind of a thing. This shows cars that were dreamed in the 50’s have surpassed their limitations in the current future.

The truth is cars have really evolved in quite a short time, especially in the twenty first century. Cars now are full of electronics from their modules to entertainment systems. These days cars have Bluetooth, cameras, mp3 players, DVD head units, phones, touch screen GPS, Traction control, ECU‘s, ABS, etc, this list is very long with electrical equipment. Cars in the ‘50s were very limited to a radio and lights for the car. In the 1950’s cars were lucky to make anywhere from 10-16 miles per gallon. Cars in 2009 make anywhere from 25-45 miles per gallon. This shows that the cars my parents had growing up are nothing compared to the cars that are available to me. All I can say is “Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror”.

My dad’s first car was a 1986 Buick Regal. It was gas-guzzling people carryon and junk compared to today’s standards. My car now is a 1997 Acura CL which is the meaning of luxury and performance, as you can see things have changed quite a bit. For example, in 2009 GM went bankrupt due to their cars being outdated and poor quality. Cars now have immense competition from all over the world and if you don’t have anything new you will lose. This shows that the once used typical steel and metal cars are now created with tough plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum. This also shows cars in 2009 are much more easily damaged, especially when it comes to daily driving from basic fender benders to pot holes. Perhaps the best thing to do is combine everything that makes cars great then and now that way creating the perfect vehicle.

It all ends up being whether you like classic or modern. Cars then and now have gone through so much, but still have not reached the peak of perfection. The most important thing is that they have made gigantic leaps in engine management, appearance, materials, efficiency, and technology. The future cars are going to be able to fly like a plane and drive like a car. Cars in the 1950’s were iconic and brand name cars that made America proud. The cars in 2009 provide everything a home does while giving you gadgets at your finger tips. We’ll have to wait and see what the future brings next.

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