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December 3, 2009
By sakinat BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
sakinat BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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We all have done something that we wish we could take back. Something that we wish we could relive. Either it was something that we did or said. In all of our lives we wish we could press the rewind button and go back in time. For some it may have not happened yet. But for me, it has, and it was a very unique and embarrassing situation too.
October 18th, 2003, it was a Sunday and I was in second grade. I had just gotten my hair done by my Aunt Angie and my hair was looking fabulous. It was my first time having weave in my hair. So it was a new look for me.
October 19th, 2003, it was a Monday, and I was still in second grade. I woke up with a huge smile on my face. I was so excited to get to school and show off my hair. When I was finished my mom dropped me off at school, I found my friend and went to class.
Now, seven hours later, the bell rang. I sprinted out of class with a dust cloud following me, and went to safe key. I finished my homework in a hurry and went to talk to my friends. When I got near my friends started looking at me in a very weird way. They were looking at my hair. They came up to me and asked me what it was so I told them, and they wanted a piece of it. So like an idiot, I took out some of my hair and gave it to them. They went to put it in there bags when all of the drama started. The teacher spotted them with the hair and called them over. The teacher asked them what it was and who gave it to them. And of course they answered and pointed to me. The teacher looked at me in a very disappointed way then called my mom. While, waiting for my mom to come screaming at the door, I was shaking, I was shaking like a crazy person would. A few minutes later, the teacher looked at me and pointed at the door. She was staring at me. Her eyes were like daggers, staring into my soul. She started walking towards me, trying not to cause a sense. When she was a few inches from me she said with a very low voice, “get in the car”. The second I could comprehend what she said I went on and did it. She didn’t talk to me the whole way home. (These are times that I wish we didn’t live five minutes away from the school). When we got home she told me to go in her room. She followed behind me , and when we got to her room she slammed the door closed.
I’m sure you know what happened next. And that I very much learned my lesson. So I have told you the day that I wish was erased. And I’m sure it will not be the last.

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