December 3, 2009
By SketchKid BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
SketchKid BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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As my pencil glides on the paper, like a professional skater on ice. soon a fuzzy, ubclear picture slowly reveales itself.A few scribbles and ripes and the picture finds a new home in the trash can. Never to be seen by human eyes again
I grab another paper and sharpen my pencil. fail and I fail again to get the satisfied picture.
The last paper in the room slides over the hard covered book I was drawing on. My mind went blank trying to make sure the picture in my head was clear enough. Then once again my pencil glides softly this time still unsure how the drawing will turn out
soon i;m just drawing the picture I wanted to draw had disappeared from my mind, my pencil was drawing blind, not sure to go leaft or right
I lift the paper to get a better view of the picture. A smile slowly grows on my face, I relized i had been thinking about it all wrong. If you just draw, without thinking that you might mess up or not get it perfect. This picture was finally worthy for my wall.

The author's comments:
drawing has alwas been a way to exspess myself and I do the same thing with writeing so I combined the two

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