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December 2, 2009
By JomyV BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
JomyV BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
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Brilliant sheen glistens from the clear paint of the black Bentley illuminating the monotonous setting of the surrounding white cars. Immerse yourself into this Bentley as passion is drowned out by all the violence. I was in a sugar rush that was surrounded in relative peace. The Bentley brand is to luxury cars what Donald Trump to the business world. Those with wallets deep enough to meet the six-figure price tags of the company's vehicles are treated to towering levels of refinement and prestige.
I rode the bus, passing by this awe-inspiring vehicle. I had a tradition of looking through the clear, opaque bus window and seeing the sun shine across this gleaming beauty. My heart palpitated quicker the longer I looked at this amazing sight. Nothing could make me feel this way for class and style. The oval eye lights in the front and the square jean pocket lights in the back; this car was exceptional and unrivaled. The twenty-two inch staggered chrome wheels and grille sparkle as the sun shimmers on it from every angle. The car is so glossy; the reflection of the bus flows through its body.
Its body is sinfully rich yet it is ultra smooth and silky. As I was admiring the car, I felt an unreal sensation that I could do anything it’s like the feeling you get when you are listening to a song that pumps you up. The blackness covers the car as a shadow in an alley from the windows to the tires. When one is gazing at this image one feels as though you are moving at the speed of light. This shows that there was a state of silence due to the superiority and intensity that this car exerted.
At the BMW dealer of West County right in front sat this Bentley, in horizontal view for all to admire and appreciate. How could you not appreciate such a lavish, imposing machine that yearned to be driven or seen? Its emblem that resembles angel wings with a royal B badge in the center, it is the symbol of all which is great and marvelous. It seems there was not a morning that I missed seeing this incredible car. I felt I had an obligation to it and myself and if I did not look, I was depriving both of us from this luxury and necessity.
This lean aerodynamic two door coupe was ready to beat the fastest locomotive or crush anything that fell in its path. It resembled a lounge car that looked forged and brushed just sitting around. This animal looked modern yet classic it could sit with the best of all worlds. You could notice this Bentley anywhere standing out among anything. This car was hot; it was the exact definition of sexy and seductive. It’s sex appeal comes from being the fastest and slickest car on the block. You could not even call this a car or some sort of transportation vehicle, the only thing comparable in class and price was a personal jet.
The influence it has on you is astonishing, if you were nothing or you were everything. Once you laid eyes on this gorgeous super car, life is changed forever. Perhaps the more one looks into the heart of the beast one see’s a reflection of what is within one’s self.

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