November 22, 2009
By Anonymous

You get up you turn over get out of bed you feel the pain shoot up through your legs you scream swears to yourself cause it hurts that bad. You go to get a drink and you swallow the water it burns like lava going down your throat. You start to chew your gum and feel this throbbing pain in your head you want to lay down and go to sleep so the pain will cease but you have to go to school. You walk off to school and you have a pain in your ears so bad it feels almost as if a train is right next to you. You walk through the halls you see your friend talking to her guy it breaks your heart; your guy broke up with you yesterday. You wish the day was over but you have to keep going at least till two forty five then you can lie down on that soft bed that feels just like air. But you sit at this computer with an uncomfortable chair and your butt kills and you realize that you are starving and that you could eat a horse you have five minutes till lunch you cant wait.

The author's comments:
I was in alot of pain at school and we were suppose to write about something and this is what I wrote.

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