December 7, 2009
By kati Watson BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
kati Watson BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Looking back on my life sometimes I can’t tell if the events were something I
made up in my mind or if they actually happened.
I could point out a particular time that I couldn’t tell you if it happened or not, but where would
I start and for what reason exactly?
The earliest memory I have is at my grandmother’s house when I was about three or four
playing with my cousins, I know this is real because I have pictures and a vivid memory of being
in a tire rolling down the hill to the small river in the backyard by my cousin Christopher. The
two of us always did silly things like that, one night when I spent the night at my aunts he snuck
me out of bed and we went down stairs to the laundry room and sat on the washer and dryer. He
thought me beans beans the musical fruit while we ate a mixture of coco puffs, lucky charms
and chocolate milk.
Anyway back to grandmas, that day we swam in the river, had a barbeque, played
baseball and ate the strawberries and raspberries out of grandma’s garden .I guess it means so
much to me because I know that it’s real. Not just something I made up to block out that year my
dad was in Iraq.
The mind is a deceiving place when you think about it , if you tell a lie enough sooner or
later your brain starts to think it’s the truth so not even you can tell the difference
anymore. That’s a scary thought, in a way you lose what makes you who you are because
you don’t even remember who you are anymore.
The other memory I have distinctly imbedded in my mind is the one of the Christmas
right before we left for Texas so I was about five.
There was lots of snow on the ground and grandma had made hot coco and put money
Wrapped in Christmas paper (money we weren’t supposed to know about all) over the
tree. My cousin Hannah and I had gotten matching Barbie walki-talkies; we played with
those things all day even if we were in the same room that’s the only way we talked.
Christopher had gotten a new video game for Nintendo and I mean the original Nintendo.
Just like the time my brother and I spent the entire day on our play station playing Spiro
the Dragon. That was in winter sometime, I remember because my mother was
complaining because it was 78? outside in December.
I could tell that she missed Washington it would have been snowing by that time year.
It was always hot in Texas and not just any part of Texas, Central Texas, Fort Hood to be
exact. That place was the sphincter of the universe who ever lived there never got out unless you
were in the army and or married to it. So needless to say there were tons of army wives in the
surrounding communities of Copperas Cove and Killeen Texas. I got in my first real fight on
Fort Hood actually I was over at my friend Shawna’s house playing dolls or something when we
started to argue. We went outside and she through my head at the curb. So naturally I retaliated
the only way I felt necessary I punched her until her nose bleed and ran home. I was
grounded of course but I could tell me and Shawna would be friends again by the next day.
Something else happened at that post I will never forget as long as I live. My sister
Macenzy and I were at war as most siblings were at the ages of 10 and 5. She was constantly and
forever finding ways to get me in trouble. One particular day we were arguing over the
ownership of a toy and she hit me in the face, so I told her if she did it again that I would bite
her. All at once she opened her mouth as wide as she could put her arm in her mouth and bit
down hard. Immediately she began to cry as red liquid began to appear. I could not believe what
had just happened that little pest had bitten herself to get me in trouble. I should have ran as soon
as I heard my father’s foots steps on the stairs but of course as I always do. “What did you do to
your sister ” he screamed, “I didn’t do anything she bit herself she’s just trying to get me in
trouble” I cried. So he grabbed my arm and bit down trying to “teach me a lesson”. All at once
my sister began to giggle quietly, as I’m over there laying on the ground in pain she’s laughing
at me.

All I could think was “what the hell”, “Macenzy did you bite yourself to get you sister in
trouble” my dad asked trying not to laugh. “Yes I did” that was one thing Macenzy was always
good at and that was telling the truth no matter what. My dad didn’t know what to do besides
laugh, and boy did he laugh it was ridicules. So all he could do is apologize and my sister got bit
even worst then me so it was all good in the end. Looking back at my life so far those are the
things that stick out the most. Those and hanging out with my brother and playing video games
are the only things I want to remember for the rest of my life.

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