A Regret

December 6, 2009
By giggles14 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
giggles14 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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Blood was all over the stairs and at that time I’d wish there was some type of machine the would recall a timme in the past; that would give me a chance to do things differently. My sister went running up stairs . Screaming at the top of her lungs. Me frightened not knoeing what had happened but seeing the stairs covered in red to what seem like blood; relize something bad was going on. Panick came into me. I run up stairs.

At that point all I heard was crying coming from the bathroom. I run towards the bathroom. I stop at the bathroom doorway. I was in shock to what my eyes were seeing. All I could view was my sister hantched over the sink with my mom rinsing my sister’s hand, coverd in blood. My dod trying to cslm my mom and sister. I walked towards the sencne; frighten and nervous to what I’d see in the sink. Mky dad relize I was in the bathroom. He asked me what had happened. I stared to explain ,”I truned my back when I heared the blender and that’s when she started to scream and I …” At that point I relize what had happened. I panick and scream,” does she have all her fingers.” Thankfully she had all of them.

My mom and dad took my sister to the hosptial; while I stayed home taking care of my brother. I stood there looking at the stairs covered in blood and it is there were I relized how bad of a sister I was. If only I wouldn’t have trune dmy bck on her and it is there were I would hsve wish for a time a machine and do thing ove but the damage and there is no time machine.

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