first love

December 5, 2009
By Anonymous

it was the first day of middle school i was 12 i was pretty shy and i never thought as myself as pretty.I wasnt 'poplular' i was one of the most smartest kids in school.His name was Nick. He was one of the most cutest kids in school with blonde shaggy hair and light brown eyes.I would always see him walking in the halls.I knew why he was so popular he was nice to everyone because even though he was popular he would always say hi to me when he seen me.Then it came it was are end of the year field trip it was an over night trip to a camp. He was going on the trip and so was I. I figured this would be the perfect time to tell him how I felt.So that first night while we were around the camp fire i told him nick i dont know how to put this but since the beginning of the year i've had a huge crush on you. His response was really i have too but i didnt know how to tell you. We went out for 1 year but we had some tough times. we aregued a lot but we were that couple that loved each other.He called me beautiful and knew how to make me smile when i cried.But one day he told me he was moving and he didnt think a long distance relationship would work out . I do think of him still 1 year later.And i do still love him . we keep in touch with each other . we are the best of friends and he is coming to visit me this summer !

The author's comments:
ever heard that expression love is like a roller coaster ? well this is for teens who have felt that way about there love life .

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