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December 4, 2009
By 14black.star BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
14black.star BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Dear Teen Ink readers,

At school I have a friend who we'll call Sally who I sit with everyday for lunch. I like her, but she is always telling me to do stuff that is totally against my parents judgement and would totally get me in trouble. I'm just not the kind of person that would do stuff like that. Her parents are very loose with her and she is basically the boss of the house and can take her parents yelling at her. But my parents are very strict and she tells me do do stuff I don't want to do and she is the kind of person you cannot argue with about that stuff. It's geting on my nerves. One time, she tried getting me in trouble by sending a suspicious email to my parents email. I only have two friends at school, her and a girl we'll call Mary. I lost many friends in middle school because they all either ignored me or became jerks. I don't want to oose another friend, so I am asking you, what should I do? Now, don't go saying,"Just talk to her about it, sh'll understand!" because she isn't that kind of person. She'll just yell,"Idon't care, grow up!" PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

help wanted,

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