December 5, 2009
Smile, this word was not that hard for me as it appears for an ordinary girl with a broken heart. I very well know how to smile, how to hide my tears, and how to pretend that I am all right when everything was wrong. I was not like this earlier. The everlasting smile on my face used to came directly from my heart. But something happened with me, I lost my smile, not only my smile but my love also, the love who was never mine. He was the guy in my class, the only guy in this world with most adorable eyes you could ever fall for and the cutest smile that would take your breath away. He was my friend, just a friend but I wanted him to be more as somewhere between our sweet fights, craziest pranks, and silly laughs I fell in love with him, every time I saw him I used to have butterflies in my tummy. My love for him grew by every passing moment. But reality was different from what it appears. He always pretended like I was his someone special but he never meant that, I was just a game he played. I came to know this when he proposed my friend. That moment was not less than a disaster for me. That day I held my broken heart, cried for continuous hours, yelled and screamed for help. I turned my back on the world just because I did nothing but love someone. I fought with my fate, but for whom I fought never took care. For me he was the only one, for him I was only fun. It was difficult for me to see him happy with my friend but I have to accept it with time.
Today five months have passed and I have learned to smile, I have learned to appear strong, I have learned to pretend that I am fine, and most of all I have learned to let go my past. Now, that guy is my best friend and that’s all he would ever be. I am happy because being friends is better than being nothing. At least, in some way he is near to me.

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