Divine Smile

November 30, 2009
By Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
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Sometimes when I start talk to you, I ramble on about things that don't even make sense to you, so I shall say sorry for confusing you and making your eyebrows raise like I must have lost my mind or something.
But no sweetie, I'm all here, I just like to keep the conversation going because of your divine smile that spreads across your adorable face when I ramble on about things.
And I must say, when you smile it makes me smile which makes me feel weak that I can't control my feelings around you.
But there is this ray that beams off of you that makes me happy and hyper but shy at the same time. Being around you I am hardly ever angry except for that one day, but thank you for clearing things up for me that day because now my mind is at peace and seeing the world in a slightly new perspective.
But oh, like I was saying before, I'm sorry that I ramble on about random things but if you didn't have such a divine smile that made me smile then I wouldn't. :)

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