'I pledge allegiance'

November 30, 2009
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The school bell rang its delightful tune. Silence in the room was nowhere to be heard. The children were talking amongst themselves. Whispering, laughing and conversing with one another. We were now supposed to be in our columns so our teacher, Ms. H, can take attendance, as she usually does at this time. The children moved swiftly through the room. While doing so, the school announcements appeared on the television screen.

Suddenly a great wave of silence swept over the room. A solitary picture of a waving flag was shown on the screen. A voice sounded, “Please stand and join me for the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’.” The entire class, filled with over eighty students, said in unison those honorary words. Every time this takes place chills (the good ones) run down my spine.

The voice sounded again, “Please stay standing for thirty-seconds of silent reflection.” While there was silence in the room there was barely any in my mind. I was thinking how proud I was of my country; because those words I just spoke give the men and women over seas the courage to fight for our nation. That is a massive part of why I am proud to be an American.

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