My very Good Day*

November 24, 2009
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The day I Met Johnny was the best’s day ever. We met at Skate Island, He says he seen me before, but no. “Love at first sight?” You may ask? Hmmm, He walked in as you her the loud blasting music on, as flashing colors on the dance floor. Skating round and round I see him sitting with Steve and Adrian, giggling at things I don’t know. As I skate toward him and the boys he smiles then I turn around and some one pushes me toward Steve, landing in his lap. Ewww, yes I know. The whole time I was with Jazmin we were taking pictures with random people. “Snap, Click!” The sound of the camera snapping of random people. One special picture was of a random person named Johnny. As I was chugging down my favorite energy drink. Johnny stares and smiles as I hear Jazmin yelling “Chug, Chug, Chug!” At the same time getting mad, he didn’t talk much, as he sits Steve goes out to the skating ring as Johnny fallows. As we play a little game of tag, he speeds up. I hear “He’s Leaving.” I turn around and I see him head for the door, he looks back for a quick glance. The night ended there.

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