I am so lonely with out you it is almost like having you here

November 24, 2009
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Mom? Is Justin supposed to be (verb)? It can be anything, any place, my sister is watching me. She loves to tell on me. Sell me out. And I al ways wondered why. I think my aunt finally put it in perspective for me.

Let say you are a little sister and you have a big brother that is bigger, taller, stronger and smarter than you and is a total jerk. Wouldn’t you feel a little, I don’t know, inferior? And let’s say this big brother, (let’s call him Justin) did some rather stupid stuff. You would do just what my sister does; you would jump all over it and tell mom and try to get some upness on the totem pole.

So I can‘t get too mad at my sister. She really doesn’t hate me, she just has a Justin inferiority complex. She wishes she was the big sister and I was the annoying little brother. (Believe me it is not worth being the older sibling, the younger siblings annoy the crap out of you.) But I am glad I am not a only child because in the (really) long run, jocie is (or I hope will be sometime soon) worth it.

I am always on my guard though. Because she is always 2 steps behind (2 of my steps, 6 of hers.) me asking me the most annoying question in the world. Obvious, unnecessary, and accusing.

“Justin, what are you doing?”

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