What"s He Thinking?

November 24, 2009
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When I think about him I think he is thinking about me or is he thinking about her. I want to know what’s he thinking, I want to hear what he’s thinking, am I what he is thinking? Then I hear words out of his mouth and their not words I want to hear. As
I think about what’s he thinking, in my head I’m thinking that he has a problem or I have the problem. I realize it’s no one problem it’s all in my head not my heart.

I look at him everyday and I wonder, just wonder,“what’s he thinking right now?” Next,I see him in the halls I want to run and hide and never come out. He stares at me and I stare right back at him I felt weird and confused as the staring continues. Sometimes, I know you know how I feel but just stop caring and get me out of your head for a while. When I found out that you fell for another I felt stupid: I flirted, I sent signals and you went after her. Now that I look at you I feel like we don’t belong but a year ago I did and I don’t know why I always wanted you, you don’t realize I did. I had love; you found love and when they both ended I fell for you all over again. It’s time to ask the question:


So I’m thinking to myself why do you talk to me I’m just another lonely girl waiting to get swept off my feet. Also I’m thinking why am I thinking about him then I remember, you are the only person that will talk to me as a real person not just a lonely girl waiting for you to come around. Also as I remember you want after the other girl; that’s right not me? So those words you said to me last year where really hurtful and you stock to those words. As you stuck to that girl and those words I tried to get over you but I can’t. Now that I’m thinking about us together I can’t anymore because you love her and I can accept your feelings about her.

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