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November 18, 2009
By Crystal_McMillion GOLD, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
Crystal_McMillion GOLD, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
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Love hurts worse than hate because when you love some one you have to love all that comes with them.

I wish there was a different way that this could have ended
Just to be friends again though I had to deny the one I truly loved
Just because you said you loved him first and that he was still yours
But is that’s so and he was truly yours, why is he no longer into dating guys?
Maybe we’re both fooling each other, but he is no longer yours and no longer in the “I’m Bisexual” stage of his life. He told me he was straight and that it was me that he wanted.
Well I want him too, even if the age difference is two years and I have my true love in jail. I love him as well. Jarrett don’t you understand that Alex and you were never meant to be? You said so much s**t bout him, when he left to Maryland and yes, I’ll confess I sat and listened to you’re cries from your broken heart. You tried so hard to cover up your pain. You didn’t have to I have always know that you were not over him? I know it was selfish, to just come in and claim for myself the boy that you have loved. But by being with him, you claimed I just wanted to hurt you and that was wrong Jarrett you’re acting like a JERK, though this you must know. I tried so hard to deny my feelings for him. I knew what he meant to you and how would feel if my friends took away Scottie like I just took Alex. But booboo butt you traded me in first, our friendship or whatever you want to call it now was crashing down and neither of us cared enough to try and fix it. I’m done with you, isn’t that what you said? Well I don’t need you not now or ever.
I got my friends. Though they think I’m better off without you after the s**t you tried to pull. Jarrett that was a jerkish thing to do. You told Lexi I would try to get with Cody just to end our friendship, but your plans backfired when she stopped being your friend. so did Cody and weren’t you always the one bragging that he said you were his best friend? I’m not going to be nice anymore. No thanks to you, my new reputation as a bi**h will be known. You are the most self centered, most unbelievable, conceited, fat, man w****, that I have ever met. You walk around like you’re sh*t doesn’t stink. But your full of sh*t, so full of yourself to see that I was protecting you all along. Let’s go back to what people said when I first met you. You were laughed at shunned and you were nothing to no one. I told so many people to shut their mouths you were different. I just knew it, look at all the s**t we’ve been through though was it all worth it? No. I don’t think so. I see your true self now more than ever; I don’t miss you I miss the person I thought you were once back before, you were a jerk.
Those things I used to tell you to make you smile don’t mean nothing, never did.
You never meant more to me ever, and Alex and I, we’re going to make it together. No matter what you try. I have something of his you never did and never will have I have his heart. And I’m not going to say I’m Sorry to you just because he never loved you.
Dear Jarrett, F**k You.

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