Love's Pain

November 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Im here! I just want to scream but, my lungs cant find enough air, Im drowning for you,Im breathing for only you, I beg you to need me, to see me, but your blinded by those rose colored glasses that tell you Im an angel. My world rotates for you two,I so everything I can everyday if only to please and impress you, cant you see that Im hurting because I love you. I smile because I know you need me to be happy today, I cry because youre begging me to grieve with you, only when you inquire will I voice my opinion my life, Ill wait patienly for you to ask about my day, you never do. Why, why cant you see that Im dying by inches just to prove I can for you. All I need is for you to see me, to look at me and smile, not because my grades are good, not because I answered your question with what you wanted to here, but because you, for once are glad Im here and need me to be me. I love you Mom, Dad, why cant you see that those hollow words, those lies arent what I want I want love, honest love that you cant seem to bring youreselves to give. Take off those rose colored glasses and see me for the broken, loveless little girl Ive always been striving to show you Im not. Why cant you see that It hurts me to love you.

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