Joining Varsity Soccer

November 5, 2009
By ojr12 BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
ojr12 BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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I decided to try out for Varsity Soccer this year because I wanted to be involved in the school programs. I think joining soccer was a good decision because I love soccer and I have been playing soccer since I was a kid (3 or 4 years of age to be exact). I found out I was able to try-out for varsity soccer this year and that made me feel very happy. Now the season is over, but there were no regrets from any of us (teammates, coach and parents). I think we did a nice job, we won three championships.

I was in summer school one day and I was talking with my teacher about my interests and I mentioned that I loved playing soccer. He asked me if I was any good at it. I didn’t know how to respond because I couldn’t really say if I was good at it or not, but I told him that I had some skills. We kept talking about soccer and then he asked if I was playing for a club or something. I responded I was playing for a soccer team, in a league that’s supported by the church I go to. Then he stated that the varsity soccer try-outs were coming up, in about 2 weeks.
My teacher asked if I was interested in joining varsity soccer for school. I shouted, “I’d love to play for school. “I added that I didn’t think it was going to be possible because I had failed most of my classes the year before”. He responded by saying that he would be very happy to help to find a solution to that problem. He also said that he would talk to the athletic director (Mr. McQuade) to see if there was anything we could do to get me involved in the program.

The next day he received an e-mail from Mr. McQuade saying that it was possible for me to play or to go to the try-outs but I’d have to wait until the first or second week of school to play a game I could play if I wasn’t failing any of my classes. I felt very happy when Mr. Oberst told me the good news. I thought it was an opportunity I wouldn’t let go and I would take advantage of it. I still needed to go to the try-outs, but the day came, it was a Monday at 8:00 am at Nienhaus Sports Complex, where we had to go for the try-outs. I was there being one of all the 30 kids that were looking forward to play on the varsity team.

After three days of try-outs, coach would tell us who made the team and who would have to go to JV Varsity. I was the third one he called to give the news. It was only him and I talking and he asked me how I was doing in school and all that. I told him that I was struggling and that I’d have gotten in trouble a few times but that I really wanted to play for the Varsity team. Then he told me that I had made the team. I felt very happy and all I had to do was pass all my classes and I’d be ready to play. A month later the final day came. It was a Tuesday; we had a game against Kimberly. The game started and twenty minutes later, I was on the field playing for my first time on the varsity team.
Now I’m very happy because I got to play on the varsity team for my junior year. I could not play for varsity during my freshman year because I suffered an injury. It makes me happier that I have support from our coach that’s trying to help me in school; he’s giving me more motivation to make realize what’s good for me. At the end of the season he told to get my act straight and to be ready for next year because I was a great player and that he will need me on the team. So next year I’ll be at Nienhaus at 8:00am sometime in August for try-outs.

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