Serena's Button

October 20, 2009
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My memory button belonged to Serena. She was one of my best friends that I met at my church. She was outgoing, funny and nice. She showed this by talking to everyone and making everyone feel wanted and excepted.

She lived in Irving TX. She was always at church or with friends. She loved to go play sports, hangout, and go to church. She would always go to the park after school and just spend time with family and friends. She always had her purse with her that had this purple button attached to it.

My strongest memory was when me and Serena where at church together. When we would pick her up on the bus. Then take her to church and we would sit together and sing loud. That way everyone how good we were.

I wanted to keep this button because she meant a lot to me and I want something to remember her by. Every time I look at the button I think of how we would play around. How we would sing really loud in church. Just all the fun we had together she was one of my best friends and I'll never forget her. She made a big impact on my life and many other peoples life's.

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