False Sense of Hierarchy

November 11, 2009
By , Windermere, FL
I wonder if we as teenagers question society enough; life in general, even. I feel as though we begin to form an idea of how people should be classified, viewed, and interacted with, simply due to our peer influence. As I look around school, I notice the kids I label “popular” and “nerdy”, and then I stop myself. Who am I to classify someone? Who am I to pre-judge a person before ever knowing their personality? Call it cliché, but it’s what high school today has become. I don’t know if we as students realize that the only reason people are considered to be in their certain groups, or even to have more power over others is because WE put them there. We tell ourselves that it just makes sense, that’s the way it works; you’re either popular, nerdy, a jock, a band kid, or middle ground nowhere. Why do we press this idea upon ourselves and those around us? People are people; young or old, we all desire similar emotions and friends, but we don’t realize just how similar those desires are. What if we became schools of forgotten ‘totem-poles’ and enjoyed the freedom to feel as though we belonged to one, unified body of students?

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