New Boyfriend

November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

You know how you are when you get a new boyfriend in high school? Him walking you to class, holding his hand, eating with him in lunch but gets shy to eat in front of him, getting a kiss from him before and after class. Wanting to always be with him.

Yup that’s me my first boyfriend of the school year. It isn’t always easy having a boyfriend though. Well I have or had a best friend but things started changing once Aaron became my boyfriend. I started noticing and feeling that I was losing her. Before I was always with her walking to class, in the hallways, during the mornings and eating with her in lunch and being with her after school.

Since she was my best friend I thought she was suppose to be happy for me not stop talking to me. I know if she had a boyfriend I would be happy for her. So once I started noticing her fading away I had to stop it. I just couldn’t let her go like that come on if you were losing your best friend would you try to stop it? I did. I went up to her after school on Thursday, a sunny day by the gym near the sidewalk under the awning and asked her, what was wrong? She said in a nice calmly way “Since you been with Aaron you are starting to ignore me”. I was surprised I thought it was the other way around so I told her “I’m sorry” we gave each other a big hug.
I was happy that I talked to her and she was still my best friend. Days went by and yes I’m still with him. I would see her wave a hi to her, have little conversation with her, and text with her but still I didn’t feel as close with her as before. I kept trying to still be her best friend but it wouldn’t work we kept on not talking. So things don’t always go good when you have a boyfriend. Why can’t I have a relationship and my best friend!

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