my last year was good

November 10, 2009

Where we gone go to skip? I tell my causin jose where was siten in the rocks in from of the office. they tell me I don’t not. Jose say them I call my cousin jesus and we start talk about where we gone go to skip them one friand name Angel cam and talk with us too.

The second day of school. Jose call me to my cellphone and tell me ehre I was and I tell hem. I in from of school. Them he come ehre I was and we start to talk about where we gone go to skip. Them I call some girls to come we me. I skip to much and I don’t come to school. In the middle of the school year. Ms.martin call me to her office and tell me she gone send me to caort for my ausent. She look angre to me. I look in he eyes and he eyes was angry. He voice sounds very angry. She was stanup when she was talkyn we me. She was short and she have he cellphone in he hand. Whent she rell me she gone send me to caort. I say what I can I do for don’t go to caort and she tell me. If you go to the fuente class. I don’t gone send you to caort ms.Martin say. And I tell Ms.Martin ok I gone go to the fuente class. When I walk out of the office the air was fresh and I look the time the was omos time for the B-lunch. The students was wakyn to the cafeteria. In the next week I start to go to the fuente class. The class was all the Friday and I need to go to ten class to finish the class and recived my diploma for go to the fuente class. Bout I don’t finish the class. I less I don’t go to 5 class. Ms.Martin was angry with me bout the school amous finish. The last day of school Ms.Martin call me and tell me she don’t gone send me to caort bout the next year . I promese her I don’t gone skip.

The lesson taught changed the way I aret is I learn to don’t skip because give me more changes in my life because now I don’t have ploblem in the school and my house my mom is pride of me because in some class I have goods grades.i want to to to the colleges.

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