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November 10, 2009
By PaoLuna16 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
PaoLuna16 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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On Friday 4th at 4:20pm, that’s when all the pain started. With pain on my right side down by my stomach, I was walking to my car as slow as I could. I quickly got my phone out of my backpack and dial ma moms’ number. She came as fast as she could, there was a lot of traffic and my pain was getting really bad. My mom didn’t know what to do because I was crying really hard. 20 minutes later we arrived to St. Davis hospital, throw the emergency side. My mom got out of the car as quick as she could, went for a wheel chair and helped me get out of the car…

I was waiting for the doctor to come and check me; the only bad thing was that my pain was getting really bad. Scrunching and bending on the bed, almost crying but didn’t (I was too embarrassed to do it.) “Okay, lets see what wrong with you honey?) Said the doctor. While my mom explained the reason we were at the hospital, the Dr. was checking my temperature, blood pressure and my heartbeat. After he was done, he left giving me instructions to go to the restroom. 30 minutes later the nurse came into the room and said, “ I need to take you to the examination room, please come with me.” Since I couldn’t walk they took me in a wheel chair.
The examination room was cold like a fridge, and smelled like new plastic, “EWW!” I lay down on the bed and waited to go throw the machine. I was shaking because the temperature on the room was too low. I had my hands above my head, laying down on my back and waiting for the Dr. to finish. After 1 hour we headed back to the room, where my mom was waiting for me. The only words that came out of the doctors mouth was, “we have to do another x-ray.” I was scare, I looked at my mom and asked her, “Why are they going to do another x-ray ma?” she couldn’t answer my question because she didn’t wanted me to get worry.

6:30pm my boyfriend arrive to the room I was, I was wondering what was going to happen. Random questions were inside my head for example one of them was, “ why was my boyfriend at the hospital?” right away the nurse came in and told me that they were going to do a surgery on me and that they needed to put IV on me. I let the nurse do what ever she needed to do on my arm. Of course it did hurt when they poke me, but it was all fast. “Why?, how?, what?, or when? were they going to do the surgery?” the only thing I had to do is to stay still and to take everything that had metal including my bra. 7:00pm arrived it was time for me to go to the surgery room, my mom and my boyfriend were behind me while the nurse was pushing the wheel chair towards the room.
“Are we all ready? Is everything prepare to start?” one of the nurses asked the doctor. “ Yes we are ready!” “Now honey we are going to put this mask on you, its going to smell like plastic,” the nurse explained to me. The only words that came out of my mouth that I could remember were, “okay!” …………. I was dreaming that I was at school working on a lab and studying for my geometry test. Wait a minute how could it be I was just at the hospital and the next thing I know is that am at the class with my boyfriend? No this is not happening, oh yeah they must of put me to sleep, and I don’t feel anything “ummm why does my stomach hurts? What happened?” “hey am your nurse, we just finish doing your surgery and the only thing I need to do is to fill this papers and then we will head to the room. It would just take 5 minutes and that’s it, everything happened just like she said it would be. I was exited to see my boyfriend and my mom. They were on the waiting room, so we went to get them and then we headed to the room I was going to stay for 3 days… “we are going to come and check on you every hour to take your temperature and your blood pressure,” the nurse said. The only thing I did was to nod; I didn’t felt like talking at all.
I couldn’t believe that the surgery took 2 hours and 30 minutes; well that’s what they told me. The pain I was feeling at that moment was sharp and hard, but not as bad as the beginning. As every one at school knows that it took me 2 weeks to get up and walk and finally went back to school. The only thing I know and learned about this situation is that I shouldn’t eat stuff that are too spicy and I shouldn’t get mad really easily. I need to be more patient with people and to take care of my self. “Hey its really hard for me to stay away from spicy stuff, the reason that is hard for me is because I love Chile and that’s a fact.”

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