a pair of lips will tell you anything

November 10, 2009
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Moving my fingers and arms being mad and just getting angry. As my face began to turn purple but still listening, I liked this boy last year and got over him but he still liked me this year. The only problem was she liked him. One day she started talking mess because somebody told her I liked him, when truth is he really liked me. Anyways it was brought to my attention that one boy don’t like me and if I wanted to fight her that it was nothing. So I wanted to address her about the situation so I went up to her during breakfast in the cafeteria. Then asked her about it and she said that the person who told me was liening the whole time and that he just wanted to get some smess started between us. So I just told her how I felt about the whole inccident and we both came to an agreement that we wouldn’t let anything or anybody get in the way of our friendship[he say, she say] and mess our good bond that we have up. Every since then we never had any problems like that again. Sometimes it’s better to just think outside the box[let little things that don’t matter go] instead of fighting and causing our friendship to end. We both have an good understanding and will not tolerate the bullcrap people might bring anymore.

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