Grades Surprise

November 10, 2009
By Anna Garcia BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Anna Garcia BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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“Oh no my grades”, I said to my self. Being in a bigger, louder schoool you can call high school gets so complicated for me. Now I have succeded into coming up to the 10th grade, but things still seem complicated for as also in the 9th grade. Even if I am a smart girl its still hard for me.

Coming into high school being a 5’3” tall student with brown hair me just wanna go “WOW”. At the beggin gof the 9th grade I felt bigger, because of the fact that I was attending a bigger school. Being the oldest in my family ment the first to go into high school I started with my grades being high A’s and B’s, but hanging out with the wrong people “BAM” it made my grades drop.

I wonder what ever went through my head that made me stop caring about school. What was I thinking when I thought it made me look cool. Now I just think it made me look like a total fool.

Then I said stop, stop all skipping and not paying attention in class. I really neended to move on to the 10th grade, and now I’m just the red headed girl. My first 6 weeks were awsome, but boring because my friends still not being at scghool. Then the day returned I felt like it was an “OH NO” day and weeks for me. I couldn’t believe it my awsome grades were no good no anymore. No way, no way I wasn’t goung to deal with it again.

So I actually started being strong and thinking just about my self nobody else. I kept looking forward and trying to keeep my grades up to this day forward.

This experience has tought me that skipping, being tardy and not paying attention will not be a good way to secced in life. Now, I learned that it’s not always about looking cool I have noticed that having the best grades. And not being bad makes you stand out the most. I will shure miss spending more time with my friends, but atleast now I know I will be more succesful than them.

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