The Passion that Lives

October 24, 2009
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Music, the fire that flows through my veins; the rhythm as it taps alongside my heart, the passion that moves my body drives that desire of success. The desire to dance has been operating my train of determination towards the goals of profound accomplishment and personal achievement.

The art of dance came into my life by accident. There was no intention of beginning to dance or even thought of dance itself. That first class was merely just to earn credits and move on with my life, as if it was another insignificant obstacle to climb over. Slowly and gradually this art stalked me waiting for the perfect time to pounce and hold me in its grasp. Up until the then, my improving ability to move and flow with the music was only considered as small bumps that only gave me a insignificant sense of accomplishment. At that time, there was nothing else I’d rather do than run track. For five years it was my sense of thrill.

Then it hit me like lightning, out of nowhere, with no time to react to what was going through me. I had fallen in love. It grew more and more inside me, the passion, and the absolute thrill of realizing there is a way to speak without words, a way to create art without lifting a brush, knowing that you can evoke emotion from an audience without making a sound. However, now I had a dilemma, dance or run. Day after day I would be torn between the two not knowing if I should stay with what I know best or step into a world that can become an absolute bliss or end in utter disappointment. I had to make a choice.

Soon it became more obvious. I would skip practice to go to rehearsals. After committing myself to the world of dance, I knew that I couldn’t have a fulfilled life without sharing my experience, my abilities with the rest of the world.

I am addicted to this art as if it were a drug. Every hit I take allows me to go beyond my own thoughts and abilities, enabling me to learn more, gain experience as well as expanding my creative abilities. By not having dance as a part of my life there would have been less passion and creative thought in my work.

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