October 28, 2009
The cool fall breeze brushes in through my open window. It swiflty touches my legs, making me feel like a porcupine as a shiver travels up and down my spine. The wonderful smell of mom's homemade waffles drifts in and tickles my nose. I slowly drag open my eyelids. My veiw is blury and I have to blink a couple of times more to clear the cloudyness in my view. I unwillingly pull myself out of my nice warm bed and place my bare feet on the carpet. It feels soft against the bottoms of them. As I walk myself down the hallway I stop as I notice my oblique figure in the mirror. My hair is poofy and looks like I'm from the 80's. My face is pale and covered in freckles. "Huh," I sigh. I swallow and realize the sour and bitterness occupying my taste buds. Ugh, I rush upstairs to free my mouth of this wicked bad taste. "Ah," I breath. I swagger down the hall and bound through my drawers, looking for something cute to wear. I grab a ripped pair of jeans and my blue short sleeve hollister tee shirt. My make up is light and easy today, as I am going for the conservative look lately. I run my fingers through my hair and pull it back into a high pony. I just leave my bangs because I don't really care to mess with them. I fix my lunch and hop in the car. The ride to school is short, like a quick pinch. But, then the day drags on like a long plane flight. I pass Cade in the hall. I stare at him and he smiles. I smile back and being totally oblivious to my surroundings, smack in to a wall. "Boom." It echoes throughout the hall and I fall back on my head. I feel cold hands on my arms and that angel of a voice whispering in my ear. "Are you ok?" "Yes my love." OMG. Did I really just say
that? Out loud? Oh shoot! Cade pulls me up. "Um...well...I..see there was this stupid wall in my way an-" "Its alright, do you think maybe we could go out?'' "Yes yes yes yes!" I shout. Uh oh my vision is cloudy again and I feel myself slipping away. Ugh, I open my eyes. Im still in my bed. Wait, still in my bed?!?!?!?! NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't you just wish dreams come true????

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