True Teenage Antics

October 28, 2009
By IrockU1 BRONZE, St.Charles, Missouri
IrockU1 BRONZE, St.Charles, Missouri
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D.Q. Cold Boob

Over spring break I went to a movie with my friend Jay and his older sister Faye, the movie was supposed to be at three ten. We

missed that show because Jay was screwing around and made us late. We ended up going to D.Q. since Jay and his sister hadn’t eaten

yet and to kill some time before the next show. I got a Moolate, they got blizzards, and sodas that they planned to take into the movie

theater. Jay had to help his sister get into the car so I got stuck holding all the ice cold drinks. “Jay, this drink is freezing my boob off!

Come and get these drinks from me.” I complained. Jay sighed as if it was some big hard task that I had set him off to do. As soon as

Jay got the cup he grinned mischievously and said with his hand out stretched toward my chest “Want me to warm it up?” I scoffed and

got into the car and we went on our merry little way to see the movie “Race to Witch Mountain.” I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing

that my friend is slightly perverted.

The author's comments:
Everything that my friends and I do in this story is very much true. All except the names of course.

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