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October 27, 2009
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I hear the siren, doors opening and closing, the mutters of a small crowd, and then I come out of my spot, just out of curiosity, i look out the window, My mom sees me, her eyes are blazing with anger, and i open the front door. This was the beginning of the end, and it all started with a simple hiding spot. My dads friend named Jim was coming over. My sister and I were exited so we deciding what to do when he came over. Most of the time, we hid from them, babysitters, aunts, uncles, friends; anybody who came over. When we saw Jim’s car come up the driveway, we hid under our parent’s bed. We saw that our parent’s were worried, and we thought it was funny, so we remained under the bed.

About 20 minutes went by, and our parents had left to search the neighborhood, eventually calling the police! We still thought it was funny, so we stayed under the bed.

When it had been about an hour, we crawled out to tell our parents that we were here. When we looked in the drive way, there were 2 police cars and four police men, some neighbors, and our parents when we opened the door everybody looked. There was a moment of silence and our parents told everybody to go home. When they all left, they herded us inside. We were yelled and screamed at. Eventually we were sent to our rooms for awhile, and eventually got them to let us out of their sight!. I still look back on that day for remembrance for what I am about to do. I hope you learn from this and NEVER do this again.

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