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October 23, 2009
By , West Des Moines, IA
When I was little there was a lot kids that would say they wanted to be a fire man or a police man. Well instead of saying that I would say something along the lines of I want to be a stunt man or a dare devil. Most kids laughed but it was the truth, I wanted to do a sport that involves hard work, lots of practice, and had to do with the water. I looked for a sport that involved all of those things until about 5 years ago I watched the show fuel TV. This was the show that showed me all the cool and dangerous sports. Now my favorite one to watch was wake boarding. This was the sport that I started to say I wanted to do.
Now when I first started to watch this sport I was very interested in the way the professionals did all there tricks and how they all had there own styles. i thought to my self well if they can do it then so can I. Those were the words that might have changed all of my summers for the next few years. When I first brought this idea up to my dad he just laughed he thought it was one of the biggest waists of money ever. But some how I convinced the rest of the family that it would be a good idea to go out and buy a boat and at least give the sport a try.
So that’s exactly what we did we went out and looked for a good boat that was in our price range. The first place that we stopped at was a complete dump all the boats there were 50 year old fishing boats or boats that were just so ugly that you almost couldn’t look at them for over 5 minutes. The second place that we went to had some of the nicest boats that I have ever seen. I was almost scared to touch them because I didn’t want my finger prints on them. It ended up that they were all out of our price range, except for one of them. This one was the one that we have today it was just too good of a first boat to pass up.
The first day out on the boat was fun until it came time for me to wake board. It all started off bad, first I couldn’t get my feet in the boots and then I fell off the boat into the water. Then after we got everything straightened out it was time for dad to gun it (put the throttle all the way down until I get up). Well this didn’t go so well I stared off fine till I fell on my face and didn’t let go off the rope. So I decided to give it another shot, this time I got up and out of the water but the board was moving like crazy and I could figure out how to keep it still while I tried to get the hang of turning.

So maybe my first day didn’t go the way that I wanted it to but I still that determination to be like the pros. Now I thought that I wanted to be like the pros until the next day when I woke up and I couldn’t get out of bed. I have never had every muscle in my body hurt this much before. It was as if everything was locked up and just would not move until it was loosened up. I had final felt the pain that the pros felt after a hard day at work. I was so close to changing my mind about this sport that I had to sit down and watch all these videos of people doing amazing tricks and just everything possible on a wakeboard to get my mind back where it was at the beginning.
I am one of those people that once I get an idea in my head I cant give up on it until I have it all figured out or am at least fairly good at it. Wake boarding was one of those things that just pulled me in. I could not change my mind on it. Now I am still doing wakeboarding to this day and I have figured out a few other tricks that can help me out. On of these tricks is taking my tow rope and tying it to a tree then jumping on the trampoline and working on my rotations and trying to figure out new tricks.
Now that I have told you about my obsession with wakeboarding and all of my embarrassing moments, to this day I still watch and dream that I can be a pro but we all know that may be a little out of my reach. So until then I would love to hear some other peoples passions.

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