Love and Football

October 22, 2009
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Football and love, two words not often suited together; they don’t seem to happen at the same time. I respectfully disagree, and anyone who can say love can’t happen at a football game is out of their mind.

Finding a seat at a high school football game in Reiser Stadium isn’t very hard to do, but finding one next to a cute boy is a little bit harder. Luckily, I have my support system, Hannah, with me. We get a hold of a seat next to the cute boy I recognize from Mr. Bregar’s class. I can’t quite remember his name so I ask Hannah. “Dakota, or Coty, C-O-T-Y,” she said, and as I scoot closer and closer to him I can feel his eyes following my movements and myself getting redder. I am so nervous, he is so cute and he seems really nice. As I flirt with him, he can tell I am interested, Hannah winks at me because she knows I already like him, and for some strange reason I think he saw the wink because he couldn’t hide his smile when I turned to talk to him. I can tell he is interested in me as well, because he kept touching me; my arms, shoulders, and my hands. I take his hat and put it on my head and he tells me I look really cute.
While pretending to watch the game I go to stand in front of him; I feel him put his hands on my shoulders. As he attempts to give me a massage, I twist around to look at him and I tell him he doesn’t have to because I don’t need a massage, but he keeps his hands on my shoulders saying he doesn’t mind. I start to laugh because, as he gets excited about the game, a good play or a bad one, he massages faster and faster. I think it is really cute. I love the fact that he is so into the game, but he still pays attention to me, which makes me really happy. We stay together the whole game, talking back and forth, and I realize I really do like him. He is being so sweet, and I am really comfortable around him. Tonight, I can tell that he is an amazing person; I think it is how he interacts with all of his friends while he interacts with me as well. Somehow I know we will end up together, I don’t know when, but I know he is hooked. As we part after the game I suddenly get this feeling in the pit of my stomach, a little bit of worry and a little bit of excitement. I am worried because I want to call him, but I don’t want to seem too eager. I am excited because I have found someone that makes me have butterflies and gets me red in the face because I want him to like me. I want to be with this boy and I have to admit it to myself, even though he is hooked I know that I am hooked also.
A memory can be many things, a touch, a smell, a dream, or a feeling. In this life there are many memories, though we cannot remember them all even when we try. A good memory is one where I experience a lot of emotion. This football game was one of these memories because I was experiencing something new and exciting, and I know that he was feeling it too. This memory is strong because he is a really big part of my life today. These memories are the strongest and they are the ones that we remember the most. I feel love can have a lot to do with memory. Whether it is my momma taking care of me when I got sick on the first day of school almost every year of elementary school, or my best friend and me sharing our deepest secrets to one another, and knowing the other won’t tell anyone what we’ve said. This memory I have; it is not one minute, hour, or day. It is of the person whom I love so deeply in this life; that is my memory.

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