Loose Pants

It was one morning at school last year. I didn’t really feel like getting ready for the school day, so i just decided to wear sweat pants. I was obsessed with wit candy, so i had a bunch in my pockets. On my way sweat pants i had the string around my head.

Some kids in my sister’s grade were asking me why I had the string around my head. I told them “Just cause.”

They then asked me, “What would happen if the string came off?”

I told them “You didn’t want to know!!”

Just as I said that, the string broke! I freaked out and jumped in the air and my pants fell right down to the ground, because of all the weight of the candy in my pocket.

EVERYONE that was standing there saw my pants drop to the ground. Thank godness, I had on hot shorts (dance shorts), so they didn’t see my underwear.

My sister was down the hall just a little ways, and everybody who saw my pants fall down ran to my sister, saying that I took my pants off for them.

That’s when my sister freaked out at me! She was yelling “Mattie why did you go take your pants off for all my guy friends?”

I just ignored her. After school once we got in the car Khail told my mom that I took my pants off for al the kids in her grade.

My mom knew that I wouldn’t just randomly take my pants off for the kids in my sister’s grade, so my mom just knew right then and there that my sister wasn’t telling the truth. I told my mom what happened; she didn’t get mad. The next day I showed up at school and that was the new “talk” at school. Everybody was asking me if I took my pants off and everything! So that’s one embarrassing thing about ME!

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