An Incredible Miracle

October 16, 2009
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While I was growing up I always loved to eat anything a kid could imagine. I ate every kind of food there was from pizza to donuts and pie. But when I was in middle school I was diagnosed with celiac disease which is a severe allergy to gluten. I started to get very sick and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me even when I was on the strict gluten-free diet. I became allergic to soy, corn, and dairy where it was so bad I couldn’t eat anything with even a small trace of it. A few doctors had told me to see a psychiatrist that maybe these ideas were just in my head and no one could be allergic to this many things. I began to lose hope, that no one would ever believe me even my own parents. I was in desperate need of help until my mom and grandma told me that someone from church was able to eat cheese after being lactose intolerant for many years. They went to a special acupuncturist that specialized in curing allergies. So I decided to experiment with this treatment too. Week by week of treatments I got better and better. Everyone in the office had never treated someone like me with this many allergies. I gave them more experience in their work field and they helped me decide that this is a career I want to pursue. My doctor was amazed that all these things had bothered me. Since the treatments my medical tests have improved I feel better and now able to eat many more foods. I am so passionate about acupuncture and how it changed the course of my life that I want to pursue this career and help other people with allergies through acupuncture. With my own personal experience with all these treatments I will be able to tell my patients exactly how I felt while I was going through this. I have been going to treatment for 8 months two times a week and each time there is something new to treat. I believe that I have an extraordinary amount of experience in this program and I want to share it with the world. The treatments have changed me as a person and taught me not to ever lose hope because life is always going to get better around the corner.

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