The Managing Of Money

October 15, 2009
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Last week, whew! , was exhausting and stressful. I had ample things to do: study, work, karate practice academic quiz team, community service club, homework, and to top them all…… overdrawn bank account. I unintentionally took out money from my account that I didn’t have. I only took out five dollars more than I had, but the price to come would cost much more.

On December 3rd, after school, academic quiz team, and a 41/2 shift at Kroger; I discovered that I owed the bank a $75 fine. I clocked out from my shift and was on my way to the fifth third branch in Kroger to investigate.

“Can I help whose next?” the bank teller asked.

“Yeah….um my mom told me that I got a call from you guys about my account being overdrawn, could you tell me with this is exactly all about?” I asked politely.

“Could I have the first three digits of your social please?” Allison asked.

“Sure, ***”, I replied.

“Okay….you owe $75 as of tomorrow,” she replied while typing rapidly, “You took out $30 but you only had $25 in you account.

“Well, were did the $75 come from,” I asked.

“Each day that you don’t pay the fee, $6 is added to the fee,” she explained.

I thought it would be best to tell my mom about this first before handling it on my own. I needed wise counsel. I politely thanked Allison and waited for my sister, Ryan to pick me up.

Do you know the feeling you get in your throat when your about to burst into tears? Well if you do, that’s exactly how I felt on my way home. I was so frustrated at myself for being so irresponsible. I quickly composed myself and walked “the walk of fear” to the dining room, for I knew my mom would be upset, especially if she had to pay the fine. I grabbed some pizza and spilled out everything. After my mom was done drowning me with information, she told me about a phone call from fifth third on December 1st and we found mail they had sent under a pile of papers. Everything was being brought to my attention as of that night.

We came to a solution within an hour of lecturing. I first would keep better track of how much I take out by writing in my ledger, know how much is in my account at all times , and reduce the number of withdrawals. After we decoded the mail we found out that I was being charged for withdrawing seven times in one month instead of four and for over withdrawing. My mom thought it would be best if I called the branch manager during lunch, but I thought it would be even better to handle this misunderstanding in person. That’s exactly what it was. For God sake’s I’m only sixteen! My mom wrote an early excuse note so I could talk to the branch manger A.S.A.P. I even had to write notes on what I would say! I left around 2:00 and arrive nervous as ever at 3 o’clock.

“Could I speak with the branch manager please?’’ I asked.

“Sure ma’am, he’ll be right with you.” the teller replied.

The branch manager, Chris, and I walked to his office to privately discuss my complaint. I quickly covered my problem an explained the misunderstanding. I even talked about closing the account. I was respectful, mature, and very professional. I made sure I was heard. Screaming and yelling at him wouldn’t get me any where in this situation. I handed him the mail I received, he explained it some more, and gave me a new ledger. I guess I’m very persuasive or just blessed for the price was cut.

“I’ll decrease your payment to $35, considering the circumstances, how does that sound?” He asked.

“Great! Thank you”, I replied with a grin. I felt so mature and adult-like while walking to get my check. It felt good to handle something that was my fault on my own without having to drag my mother along. I didn’t get the whole fee terminated, but I still felt good for getting as far as I did. I learned a lot from this whole thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that teens tend to get themselves into big messes. My philosophy is simple now…….. “If you make a mess, clean it up.”

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