Hardcore Crash

October 14, 2009
After practice that day I got chosen to go on a trip to Tanana Fairbanks. I was really excited because that would be my first time going to Tanana for a wrestling trip with my team. “Hey do you guys need a ride?” asked Austin. Austin started up the snow machine and Brayton and I were preparing to ride with Austin.

Before we started to leave I asked Austin if I could drive. “Yeah go ahead,” said Austin. As we were about to leave I saw one of my cousin James. Brayton wanted to race him! “ Don’t race him were on an icy road” yelled Austin. I didn’t want to race him but Brayton reached over my arm and we started to go full throttle. You can feel the wind blow into your face I had no control over the snow machine and with all adrenaline pumping through my body. When he let go of the throttle that empowered me in the mood to race. I think we were going about fifty miles on the ice. While we were driving, I wasn’t watching the road because I wanted to see if James was going to pass us. When I looked forward we were pretty close to the other road, and when I at my cousin he was already turned around and going the other way. I started to slow down then I saw something in the corner of my eye.

I saw a small blue car that was going about twenty miles. Instantly, I slammed on the breaks. When I did that everything around me felt really slow. All I could focus on was not hitting the blue car. Whole in a slow motion part I saw Brayton and Austin’s faces in such a shock. After the car passed, we flipped the snow machine. All I could remember is hitting my head on the ice and Austin laughing. Brayton seemed pretty mad though because he hurt his knee. After the car driver stopped on the side of the road and started walking towards us. So I stand up, and Austin and I helped Brayton pick up the flipped snow machine before the driver got to us. We picked it up and started it in a hurry to leave before anyone saw us. The man started to run towards us and try to see our faces. “Hurry up and go!” yelled Brayton.

When we got behind the High School Austin and I started to laugh really hard. Brayton still seemed pretty mad though so I let him drive. When we were driving we were still playing around a little bit. Brayton was trying to carve in the snow. He tipped the snow machine again but this one didn’t hurt as much. When Brayton went home I asked Austin to bring me home. When I went home I felt like I was in a lot of trouble but luckily my mom didn’t know about it.

The next morning I woke up, it was six a.m. I felt like I kept getting punched in the arm over and over again. I was so sore. After I took a shower I felt all right. After that I arrived a little earlier then expected ready for Tanana. When I showed up at the airport Brayton was already telling people what happened and they just started to laugh really hard. Brayton was kind of on a limp.

Here are some tips you should follow before you ride on ice. If you’re on ice don’t race with other people on the snow machine. Also don’t go fifty on ice. Don’t ride three people on a one seater.

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