The Homeless Man made me smile.

October 13, 2009
It was very cold the day I saw the man. The man that would change my life without speaking a word. The man who would be tatooed in my mind as a little reminder of what hope was left in this world.
While walking down the sidewalk to get to my bustop, I see a man on the other side of the road, just standing in the cold, which got my attention. I tried not to look as I kept walking but it seemed he had spotted me when I glanced for a quick moment. My hands were freezing like icicles that would crack into pieces if I tried to shove them in my pockets. I did't feel like stopping and staring over something as stupid as a man looking at me. Even more, it would have been rude to look back.

He wore a blood red jacket that was too small for him, and dark brown combat boots. I held a big cardboard sign and I couldn't quite understand what it meant because of my TERRIBLE eyesight. But then, curiosity got the best of me. I sat my backpack down on the ground and dug through it. I grabbed my glasses and put them on.
I continued to walk as if I wasn't paying attention to the man. I looked back once to only glance at the sign. But it was very clear what it said.
"Have Hope" was printed in bold sharpie. I smiled. If you would have been in my shoes, all the hell I've been going through, you would too. Ha. Have Hope. And out of all of the things I was expecting it to say. Have Hope. I thought it would say. The end is near! Or, please donate, I'm homeless. I don't know, something sad. Have hope.
I guess I wasn't paying attention while I was reading it and I realized I was standing in place, staring right the sign. I also saw that he was looking at me. But he was smiling. And I smiled back. I ran to my bus-stop, crying, the tears turning to ice on my face. But I felt warm. I felt good.

Have hope

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emilysbreakfast said...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 5:40 pm
I think the last paragraph is your strongest because your personality finally starts coming through - it shows your thought process, while the beginning paragraph sounds like it could come from anyone watching the incident, it's sort of removed. It was a really sweet story, with a little revision it could be even better (:
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