Faadog Fever....

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Faadog fever…

It all started with a look. My mom was driving my friends and I to the movies when we bumped into my mom’s good friend who was also driving her son Patrick and his friends to the same movie. I thought Patrick was so cute and I can tell he thought the same thing about me by the way he looked at me. A few nights later we exchanged online information and we talked every day.
A few days later Patrick told me he liked me and I said I like you too. I told my friend Emma all about Patrick and she told me that she was happy for me. Patrick then introduced me to his friend Zack. Zack and I became good friends and I always told him how much I liked Patrick.
One night I was talking to both Patrick and Zack. Patrick was telling me how my “best friend” Emma sent him a naked picture of herself….below the belt. I felt betrayed warm tears started pouring down my face. I told Zack all about it that night and then he told me that he liked me more than a friend and I felt the same way. I told Zack that I liked him to, but I still had feelings for Patrick. Patrick and I slowly lost connection.
After Patrick and I lost connection, Zack and I got closer than ever. I talked to him every single second of the day. My head was in the clouds I thought about him every day. We talked on the phone for hours. But we weren’t an official couple. A few weeks later I saw Patrick at a party he didn’t say much to me but we couldn’t keep ourselves from looking at each other. We started talking again then he asked me out. Without thinking I said yes. Then I told Zack what happen I could hear a crackle in his voice like he was holding back tears. I automatically regretted it. I was too scared to breakup with Patrick. I tried to do it a few times but I chickened out.
About a month later Zack texted me and acted like I never went out with Patrick. It’s like he forgot. I was really confused. I said to Zack “don’t you remember anything that happened?” Then he said “with you and Patrick?” I answered in a confused voice “Yes?” He said “oh yeah I forgot about that” I said “I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I want to breakup with Patrick for you. Do you still like me?” He said “I really don’t know.” My heart pounded my eyes automatically filled up with tears.
Right after talking to Zack, I broke up with Patrick. He told me how he cheated on me the whole time and the only reason why he talked to me was because he was bored. I felt like an idiot I realized that I’ve been played and it sucked! I told Zack what happened. We got close again and we were finally a real couple. After only a week Zack broke up with me. It was the first time a boy broke up with me.
Today we still talk and I like him a lot I think it may be love I’m so confused but it’s going slow I think that might be the best. I want to tell him how I feel but I’m scared of what he will say or think. I will never forget the feeling I had the night he broke up with me. I could never count how many tears I shed because of him.

The author's comments:
This is a true story about my first real love

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