Friends 15

October 12, 2009
By , Aurora, CO
Friends Quinceniera

Have u ever thought of your Quinceniera? Or gone to a Quinceniera? I was doing my hair then got ready for the party. I put on my fancy shirt and jeans. . A few minutes later we left for the party. When we got there I found my sister in law. She told us where we can sit. Then finally I saw Andrea the birthday girl. She was wearing a hot pink dress. Then we saw the Damas and Chambelanes.

I saw my cousin. So I started hanging out with him. I saw some of family. I saw my nephews. I saw my brother and his wife. I was excited because I haven’t seen has in like forever. The way l saw him is cause of my cousin. He saw him. I was hanging out with him and went with him. I was so excited. The sound of his voice, I haven’t heard it in a long time. I felt happy. I felt as happy as a pool of happiness. So we started. Bro: “how are you?” Me: “alright”. Bro me how’s it been”. Me: “Everything’s ok.” Bro: “Hugo come here. This is Andrea” Me: “Hi” Bro “Give her gum” Me: “Thanks. Well I will come back later I’m going to be with Jessy.” I left to go with my cousin again. Then later I saw my mom. So I went with her and asked her question Like “Why are you late” and why didn’t you close eyly. My cousin wanted me to dance. I told him no. I can’t dance. He didn’t care. But I still didn’t dance. Later on 3 of my nephews started brake dancing. My cousin said lets go and see them. It was really cool seeing them. I haven’t seen them in a long time. A few hours the party was over.
My brother had to take me home because in my cousin’s truck we wouldn’t fit. His truck was meant to have space three people. There were 6 people in there. When we went there were 5 people we couldn’t fit.

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