October 9, 2009
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He sits alone in the courtyard, listening to the wind flow around him. The sun glances off the bench he writes on. Its warmth bolsters his writing hand, as he remembers everything. His friends, his family, his hopes, his dreams.

His life.

He thinks alone, contemplating a line from a song.
"Tonight, I won't be alone, but that doesn't mean I'm not lonely."
He thinks of all the things good and bad in this world, and how he wishes the world would live like he lives.

Their lives, his thoughts.

His entire life he has lived by one simple edict.
Never. Give. Up.
A general statement, but he lives by it.

The ghost in the t-shirt and jeans is much more than he appears. At least, that's what everyone tells him. But he doesn't believe them. He believes he is one of the most simple-minded people around, and he is.

He has his own knowledge of what he really is.

A helper, a pawn in the background who controls his own fate. He stands tall, watches as his friends fall around him. And seeing them, he knows his role in life.

A foundation, a base, a statue.

He is unyielding, determined to see everyone around him standing as tall as they can. In some cases it seems to him that the higher the heights you ascend to, the more precarious the ground you stand on becomes. he is the balance, trying to keep you in your own personal heaven.

But even so, you fall.

And then his true self shines through, brighter than ever before. The ground is said to be hard and cold when you fall, a place where the impossibility of you ever getting back up seems real.

He changes that.

He works to change that world. The ground you fall on is no longer hard, but soft. No longer cold, but warm, as it embraces you. And when you finally scream out in frustration, the ground whispers back, unfaltering.

The ground helps you to pick yourself back up.

His determination is fueled by you. As he thinks about what you said that night, about how you want him out of your life.. whether you meant it or not, he knows that he just can't do that. Regardless of your predicament, and no matter what you choose to believe....

He is your friend.

And he is not giving up.

Where there's a will, there's a way. But only if that will is strong enough to carry through. He passes a measure of his strength on to you. A simple way of living, only wanting to see you happy.

And he asks little of you.

All he expects is that you live up to the standards that you yourself set. After your self-revival, after your flame is rekindled, he watches you climb far above him once again. And he smiles the whole time. All needs to be happy is the knowledge that you have given yourself another chance to live your own life. No matter what he did, it was you who stood up. You who took the initiative, you who fell, only to realize that your time has not yet come.

He knows that it was your strength. Your determination is just as strong as his. It's just that every now and again you need help finding it.

You need to see that you have the power.

The human mind is a beautiful thing. So many variations on a single concept can come from two people, or even just one. It has the ability to work and shape events around it. Through creation, through words, through unyielding courage, it can change the future with but a single word.

Put it to use.

Your fight is never over until you are dead. There are two sides to every story, a light for every dark, a life for every death. All concepts that our minds created.

He chooses to see both sides and pushes for the positive.

All of his friends go forwards while he remains behind, waiting. He never wants to see them fall, but knows that eventually, that possibility may come true. He looks towards the light. He even watches her... She fights his fight, to make the world happier, to make her friends happier.

And he is happy to see that even though her methods differ from his, that there is another like him.

He wants her to be strong, he wants her to fight. Because she is the one that makes him happiest.

She takes it hard when she can't make someone happy. He knows she does. he wishes he could share in her pain, but he can't.

And so he fights. To at the very least lessen her pain. To see her happy. To see all happy.

Your ideas are your own, and he won't try to change them.
His views are his own and he won't force them on you.

Look towards the light. Think realistically. Because although reality seems harsh, its endless possibilities are more joyful than anything you could ever imagine.

And only you have the power to see them for yourself.

So get up. Fight. Fight not because he wants you to, but because you have to. Fight for your own life, your own thoughts and don't let yourself be controlled. You can become whatever you want to become. Just don't keep yourself down when you fall.

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