October 14, 2009
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Who is he?: He's so tall. Hes not very good at basketball, he just missed that shot. Why's he looking at me like that? Screw him. No better yet i'll take a chance, tell him i love him, or mabye not hes unaproachable, outta my league. One day he'll be mine He'll fear the thougth of loosing me forever. Suddenly its just us on a sunset lit cliff by the sea. I tell him i love him. He pushes me off the edge. Im falling, hard. Suddenly he catches me. Surprise. His hands caress me feeling like a gentle autumn breeze blowing through a field. His arms are my heavan. Time flies. Were on that sunset lit cliff by the sea again. His old papery fingers are intertwined within mine. This time we fall together. Niether one of us gets caught because thats how we wanted. WE fell in love together and we took our last fall, in love, and together as we held hand because we knew where we were going we'd still be in love and together, forever

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